About GMIA ... and What We Do

The primary mission of GMIA is to work on behalf of all GMIA community members to ensure that the quality and character of our community is preserved and enhanced. Unlike a typical "homeowners association," GMIA does not own any property or facilities, nor is it responsible for any property maintenance. GMIA is served by an all volunteer Board of Directors (elected by the GMIA membership) and has no paid officers or employees. The GMIA Board works with County and regional governmental entities to help resolve issues that impact our community such as transportation, traffic control, planning and land use, zoning, code enforcement, as well as crime prevention and law enforcement.

GMIA invites and encourages all residents in our membership area to become active members and to support the efforts of the GMIA Board to preserve and enhance the character and lifestyle currently enjoyed in our wonderful community.

Board of Directors


Susan Nichols, President
(619) 440-1607

Pat Ryan, 1st Vice President
(619) 248-1619
Sue Creveling, 2nd Vice President
(619) 971-2712 

Kay Bickley, Secretary
(619) 318-5260

Larry Nichols, Treasurer
(619) 440-1607


Wendy Tinsley Becker
Pete Camana
Pam Coe
Paul Geldbach
Kathleen Hedberg
Tom Huffman
Tom Osteen
Krista Bishop Powers
John Richardson
Mike Valley
Holly Yarris
Dave Zimmermann
GMIA  l  P.O. Box 2751 - La Mesa, CA 91943-2751